Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tips from Etsy buyers

I stumbled upon a post 'What turns you away from Sellers' in the Etsy forum which gives a lot of insight into why people would buy from one shop and not from another. It's a 72 page (at my viewing) post, so I'm made a summary of the interesting and frequently repeated points. I found quite a few issues raised made me think twice about my shop so hopefully it also gives you some ideas on how to increase those sales.

Sellers they won't buy from:
  1. have an empty profile
  2. don't specify their location
  3. are people who are nasty on the forums
  4. do not reply timeously to requests for information
  5. have poor or no communication - especially after sale email which some people said put them off repeat purchases (whoops I was guilty of this one)
  6. don't buy from other Etsy sellers

Shops they won't support have:
  1. no shop policies
  2. policies containing negative language
  3. policies that make it sound like the customer is the enemy
  4. long shop announcements (so that you have to scroll to see images of what is for sale)
  5. no sections (which makes it difficult to browse)
  6. no international shipping listed (people don't want to send you an email to find out)
  7. no recent sales or listings (they think they are inactive)
  8. not enough items listed (doesn't look professional)

Products they won't buy have:
  1. inflated shipping (with emphasis on prices they knew were too high vs stuff that cost a lot to ship - they wanted information why shipping is so expensive - e.g. includes insurance)
  2. blurry photos
  3. not enough photos
  4. pictures of the product on someone else when you wouldn't want it pre-worn (like earrings or underwear)
  5. pictures of the item on a dirty floor or next to a full ashtray
  6. inaccurate tags
  7. descriptions that are too short or too long (and contain useless information)
  8. have bad spelling or grammar or use subjective adjectives (like gorgeous and beautiful) in the item descriptions
  9. don't specify measurements (must be in cm and inches)

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