Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I love highspeed internet with no data cap

For those of you not familiar with the internet in South Africa, we are restricted by the amount of information you can download (when you have 'run out of internet' people say they are capped). It's a whole new set of lingo. I just converted my dad from dial-up and I'm sure his view on the internet is going to explode (well it did for me at least. Goodbye cookbooks; Hello all recipes) We set ourselves up with some prepaid 3G (mobile) internet with Vodacom, and were burning 500 Mb in one to two weeks (just with mild gmail, etsy, blogger and facebook usage). I don't want to know how much we burn here in the Netherlands.

Anyway, the short of this blog post is that I have found a 100 and 1 interesting and inspiring craft blogs (sice I can now search away to my hearts content, at least while baby C allows me). Like this one: http://dana-made-it.blogspot.com/. I love her birthday gift handmade pledge.

Also I heard this afternoon that Helen got her first sale on her Etsy shop, AfricanCotton - some Nelson Mandela shwe shwe. Hopefully she can source some more because we keep hearing stories that it has been discontinued.

One last thing, happy St Patricks day to you all (sorry I couldn't resist the Hoff).

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  1. I know she sold that--I was heading there to buy it and it was gone! I need some, and hope she can get more! Hope you're liking it there!