Saturday, March 14, 2009

In my home, with all my stuff it's quite a weird thing.

The baby c is all sorted (somewhat of an adventure to Ikea without a car to get her a new crib because she definitely outgrew that moses basket) and we are trying to get into a new routine. Let's see how that goes.

I found a new sewing site by accident this evening.

my highlights
- Fat cats quilts - i should make that and freak out B :)
- rice bags - a classic+easy pattern & I use mine all the time.
- teenager furniture - very cool but when I was a teen the stuffing cost wouldn't have let me.
- mittens - a very appropriate pattern (the shops here only have summer gear)

There are so many patterns here and I feel I have got enough good idea projects for 2009. Yay. Have fun, just don't go into the fashion department or prepared to be horrified with lots of 80s, the stuff you want to forget about (except for that cute strapless dress).

I would love to checkout this software but unfortunately I am running the unsupported Apple.

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  1. Hey, I thought you would be in the throes of moving---so I didn't tag you in that "my 5 addictions thing"! My last shipment of fabric came today and I LOVE it!