Thursday, March 19, 2009

Etsy pounce

Etsy Pounce is an under appreciated Etsy tool - and one that is built in. I used it a lot when I was researching opening a shop to see what people were actually buying. What I noted is that most of the sales were sewing/crafting supplies (hence me starting to sell fabrics).

If you are interested in starting your own shop, use this tool to determine trends but be careful not to just copy someone who is successful. You need to find your own niche. Good luck.


  1. I have bought lots of things through Pounce too--things I didn't even know I needed!

  2. Hey, finally got you added to my reader. the blog is great :) on the subject of Pouncing ... Mark got his first sale through a Pounce before he even finished putting up his stuff. If nothing else it's a great starting boost for anyone!