Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Midlands Meandering

We spent the whole day in the car yesterday on the midlands meander. For those of you not familiar, it's a collection of driving routes north of Durban, just past Pietermaritzburg, scattered with interesting (with mostly home or locally made produce) shops, restuarants, accomodation, etc.

I've been going on it sporadically for the last decade (or more, shew I feel old) but this time was definitely the best. We got good recommendations from family. Two highlights were Groundcover and the Caversham Mill restuarant.

Groundcover is a leather works/shop which sells fantastic shoes (we bought the baby some blue suede numbers) from sandals to veltskoen, nguni hide rugs, bags, jackets... Well designed and made.

The Caversham Mill restuarant is set right next to a river/mini waterfall and I had a delicious quiche for lunch. (Gunter's is where I usually like to go to enjoy a German sausage but luckily for the vegetarian friend it was closed on tuesdays!

We would have liked to go on the Karkloof canopy tours, but with the babby it would have been a little difficult. She needs to practise her monkey grip first ;)

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