Friday, February 13, 2009

Etsy shops from ZA

When I first signed up to etsy it seemed there were few shops from South Africa. I thought mainly because PayPal won't let us receive money (unless we conveniently have an overseas bank account).

Then I was pointed in the direction of skinnylaminix (who since I have been in CT is just about everywhere) who uses Setcom. Her sales are pretty good (nearly 2000) so obviously people aren't put off by having to sign up for something else if they really want your product. Her product is awesome - I especially like her I wish we had Ikea range.

Here are some other interesting South African shops
  • Someone from near Durban who re-purposes vintage stuff - FreshlyFound
  • Bellazoo - strange but wonderful (adult?) toys
  • TheWren - cute birdy purses

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