Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby changing mat

I made this bubble wrap changing mat while I was still pregnant and then again after my original mat fell out of the bottom of the pram.

It's pretty simple to make:
1) decide how big to make your mat (mine is 63 x 38 cm).
2) cut two pieces out of your chosen fabric (I choose easy-to-wipe vinyl usually used for table cloths).
3) cut one piece the same size out of bubble wrap.
4) sandwich together with the bubble wrap on the inside and the right sides of the fabric on the outside.
5) sew around the edge.
6) neaten the edges with bias binding (this step is easier if you round the edges so you can use one piece for the diameter).

This took me literally 10 minutes to make (although I do admit the bias binding is very untidy - so don't zoom in :).

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