Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A question

Monday was a public holiday here in South Africa and I went off to a baby shower. I had diligently made some denim shoes and a cute baby sheet (with a cartoon frog print) - unfortunately I forgot to take photos.

Anyway, I was super curious to know how my presents would go down... I am acutely aware of making stuff that looks homemade (it reminds me of the hideous tracksuits my dear mom used to make us), so I didn't know how my stuff would shape up to expensive shop bought items.

But before I could gauge a true reaction, a well meaning friend blurted out it was all handmade.... boom ... then the conversation was all about how clever I was (if only they knew I don't over challenge myself sewing wise).

My question is, how do you separate the wow-you-made-it factor from the wow-it-is-cool?

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