Friday, April 10, 2009

My cute baby sheet

This is something I promised when I first made this blog, and finally it is here - my baby sheet. I think it's really simple, but the extra bits make it special. I made it all with the same fabric, but it would be nicer if the fabric for the hearts is nice to touch. Look at the closeup to spot the cute Elna SU duck sewing stitch. I love those cams.

This is what you need:
Sheet fabric (for a crib) 150x90cm
Ribbon (90cm)
Fabric for the hearts, cut x 2
Stuffing or batting to fill the hearts.

This picture shows more (click on it to enlarge) ...
1) place the fabric right side up and fold the top edge forward (raw edge on the right side) and the bottom edge behind. sew hems.
2) sew a ribbon over the raw edge of the top seam.
3) place the hearts together, right sides. then sew around the edge, leaving a small 2.5cm gap. turn inside out, stuff, then sew closed by hand. sew the hearts onto the sheet by sewing down the middle.

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  1. love the little ducky stitch. bless! - emme