Monday, August 3, 2009

Throw out vs buying

A lot of my eco friendliness comes from my frugalista nature. For instance, we are buying formula milk for baby and every week we use up a metal container. At the same time we are stocking our cupboards and don't have containers to store flour, pasta, etc. Two and Two makes three, so I am using the left over formula tins for storage. It's not as handy as our old glass jars (left behind) because you can't see what's happening inside so my brain has been festering...
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I just washed a yoghurt tub which looked handy, and then I saw this sweet idea for making yoghurt luggage tags (on my igoogle 'craft' page of course).
A lot has been happening in my life at the moment (negotiating buying and selling a car, putting a cheeky offer in on an awesome house with a salt water swimming pool - we were too cheap/poor unfortunately, and organising an extension on baby's tourist visa. Oh don't forget about first week back at the office). Whew! See you on the other side...

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