Saturday, June 20, 2009

Your name here (a tech post)

,I don't have my own vanity URL, but my husband (and his siblings do). After the missions of getting his set up, I thought I would post about it to hopefully save someone else the hassles of endless support emails (which is a pity - had they read my question they could have helped me quite easily).

The domain in question was first registered at verio. Great service (with free hosting and free email forwarding) but I wouldn't recommend it for the only reason they don't connect well with blogger (you have to hard-code IP addresses for the CNames instead of - which meant that his site often took long to load especially in South Africa)

So, I had the domain transferred to godaddy. Once it was transferred, I tried to follow the blogger instructions and that is where it all fell apart. In the domain manager
I expected to find a link for "Total DNS control" under "Total DNS". Instead I got a message "(Not hosted here)". Confusing because the site is hosted at blogger. The solution I found was to
  • Click on "Change" under "Nameservers".
  • Then select "I want to park or forward my domains" and click "Ok".
Once you have done that, wait for an hour (or more) and then log into your blogger account.
  • Click on "Settings" for the blog in question.
  • Click on "Publish" and "Custom domain".
  • If you haven't already bought your domain, enter the domain you want in the box and click "Check availability".
  • If you have, click on "Advanced settings" and enter your domain. Enter the stupid capitca and click "Save settings".
Good luck.

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