Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To advertise, blog frequently (every day)

My personal online marketing guru has been proved right once again. Since I haven't been posting frequently, google robots do not search and rank my blog as often as before. So, previously I would make a post and it would almost instantly be searchable, my last blog post took 8 days to index.

I know the #1 blogging rule is never to make excuses about not posting, but perhaps my friends would be interested to know. I am desperately seeking a couch (on gumtree), looking for a job (3 days a week in the city bowl), looking after a sick baby (B has gone back to work).

My experiences on gumtree have made me chuckle a few times. South Africans, in general, are not very internet savy - some of the adverts are real gems. A good few people put their own name where you should put the product description (does no one preview their work?) - Mrs Wendy Smith is on offer for a mere R450. Then you have the classic all capital letters, no photos (with a request to send via mms) or photos taken on a mobile phone so very blurry up close.


  1. oh no, a sick baby :( what's wrong with munchkin, or is that wigwam? haha, mouldy told me about that nickname, i like it! -emme

  2. I have been blogging for a while - 3 months! and am still largly talking to myself, but, I KNOW perseverance pays off and have had a few people comment etc.

    I guess the motto of the story is - "slowly slowly catchee monkey"