Friday, June 26, 2009

Where are the quality 2nd hand stores in cape town?

The crafting a green world blog had a blog today chocked full with ideas on what to do with second hand goodies. Get it here - thrift store crafting: what to buy, what to make.
On that note - where are the 2nd hand clothing stores in cape town (not vintage or carefully selected)?


  1. My daughter and I are after some vintage fabric to make her a bag, I would love to know as well!!!

  2. hey ducks. I remember there was a really good shop out in Mowbray, across the road from the Checkers. not sure if it is still around ...

  3. Nope that one is gone... also the one around the corner. Bridget showed me a nice one in Seapoint, but I didn't find any old and cheap tshirts.