Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Market independence

Today was the market. (May 5th independence day in the Netherlands). I have been blogging a while about it and sewing things for a while, but today was finally D-day (sorry no pun intended). It's actually a rommel (junk) market, but my friend Kim (who had a stand last year) thought handmade things would sell too. She was right ... after the early morning bargain hunters had left.

Her Amy Butler stash and dash bags sold fabulously. She really has a lot of taste when it comes to mix and match (I am jealous). My bags did ok (perhaps African prints are not everyone's taste) even though they were very modestly priced (4 euros). Very few people looked at the fabric necklaces :(I assume I am ahead of fashion) and the neck scarves didn't do too well either.

The movers arrive on Friday, so we of course had a fair bit of rommel to add to the equation, which resulted in us making a decent days wage. Yay


  1. what are you spending your earnings on? i think a nice present for your husband could be good :)

  2. oh no, sorry your stuff didn't sell brilliantly. def ahead of your time! :) or maybe it was too high-end, not 'rommel' enough. - emme