Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After losing a button on baby C's jersey I thought - why are there never spares of the buttons that actually fall off? I religiously store all the spares, but I can't remember an occasion I got to use one.

The ouma who looks after baby C gave me some large wooden buttons from her box. It made think of my mom's button box (which probably contains buttons from her mom, and perhaps more). As a kid the jumble of colours, shapes and textures kept me busy while my mom sewed (and before I was old enough to get involved). The ouma told me she cuts off the buttons before she throws out any clothes, which is a simple yet brilliant idea - most button collections are short on collections of the same.

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  1. I saw a great idea in a magazine last week.You need an odd shaped button and a cork. Glue the button onto the cork and buy a stamp pad. You can keep a small child busy for ages with different button stamps.