Monday, September 28, 2009

aspartamine, for kids??

A comment from bridget b on my last post and this article on bbc health about sensitivitity to aspartame gave me fodder for a small rant - what the hell are we feeding our kids??? How can people think chemicals are better than the real deal (in this case sugar). If someone is gaining weight because they drink too much coke, why not drink less rather than add potentially carcinogenic chemicals to their body (aka coke light/zero/whathaveyou)? Just a thought - take it or leave it. Our latest buzz is full cream rather than low fat (heard the process to get milk products to low fat reduces the goodness), and the difference in fat content is only 1.5% - 3%.

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  1. Oh, I'll join you in this RANT! What freaks my bean completly is that the world's governments deem it ok to restrict smokers, because they acknowledge the health risks - great - but why are they completly silent on all the other poisons that are put into our foods, our furnishings, our environment?

    So in other words we cannot smoke during our break, but, we can sit on our fire retarded couch eating a ham sandwich while sipping on a coke light? Am I the only one who sees the problem here?