Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My first post

So I have been waiting a few days to get my hands on the computer so I can post about the sewing projects I have been beavering away at. It's been so much fun to have some spare time with B around to help out with the baby C. That of course means more time for me to sew.

I have borrowed H's old Elna SU. I love the mechanical, solid sound it makes when it sews (much more satisfying than my Elna 2004). But that's not the best thing about it. It has these things called Elna discs which you place in a flap at the top of the machine that allow for a wide selection of fancy stitches. Such as ducks, butterflies (together they make flowers), cross stitch, and many more.

This is what I have lined up. Stay tuned.
Fitted cloth nappies (with a free PDF pattern)
Strapless dress made with Shwe Shwe fabric panels
Quick and dirty quilt which I use as a play mat. Made from Shwe shwe.
My cute baby sheets.

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